Pizza Massilia 49

Walking has been my favorite sport. I can walk for hours and hours continuously. Because my job requires me to jump from place to place, I end up using the public transportation or walking to avoid traffic. So as I was walking out of my class one day,I happened to stumble across a jam-packed parking lot which almost covered up the newly launched restaurant Pizza Massilia.” Their first branch opened up in Ruamrudee and now they’ve expanded their line to Sukhumvit Soi 49 as well.

Photo 6-8-2560 BE, 6 24 48 AM

I absolutely love the way the interiors of the restaurant. It has this cosy yet really classy look to it. Perfect for Instagram pictures! The greens on the outside and the blues on the inside are absolutely stunning. The baby-blue walls and the grandeur of the decor gives it a unique touch.


Photo 6-8-2560 BE, 6 45 50 AM
Italy with a touch of Provence

The restaurant also has a massive pizza oven that was imported from Italy, making it one of the two places in Bangkok that has this fancy pizza ovens. Their pizza was the most satisfying. The ingredients were simple yet tasty – creamy mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil.

Photo 6-8-2560 BE, 6 36 31 AM
That pizza has too much cheese on it… Said no one. Everrrr!!!!

I finished the meal with a charmingly kitsch citron givre, which is a lemon sorbet and pistachio crumble served up in a hollowed-out lemon. The presentation of the desert was divine. However, the tangy taste isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I loved the tingly feeling it gave my taste buds and was quite intrigued by it. The best part of the desert has to be the pistachio crumble. Dig in deep otherwise you’ll never know the pistachio crumble was even there! 


Lemon sorbet with pistachio crumble


Photo 6-8-2560 BE, 7 40 17 AM

PS. Thank you to Khun Adit Vansoh for the complimentary desert and the privileged picture with the chef himself and the famous imported pizza oven!

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