Matte Me.

Matte lipsticks have been always been my go to lipsticks besides I’ve never really been a glossy lips kinda girl anyway. However, liquid matte lipsticks are totally trending right now. Matte lipsticks work for both day and night but it’s biggest downfall is that it can be chalky/patchy which can dry out lips.

Here’s my take on my top 6 liquid matte lipsticks under 400 THB:

*PS. Watch out for the 2 newly launched brands of Thai-Indians from Bangkok! They’re totally selling out like hot cakes!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes

Price: 295 Baht
Color: Prague  

Formula: Has a mousse-like texture with their signature vanilla cupcake scent. The creamy pigmented lip dries after about 15-20 seconds after application. It’s not quite 100% matte but very close to it. Great color pay off.

Shade Range: Available in 34 different shades, including unique colors like Moscow (navy blue) & Havana (purple with blue undertone).

Applicator: Standard doe foot applicator that gets a reasonable amount of product on it. Allows you to put on lip color with precision.

Lasting Power: 5-6 hours(ish), but starts cracking towards the end. Nothing a good lip balm can’t fix!

Kiss Me Harder by 4U2

Price: 199 Baht
Color: Cinnamon Gal

Formula: The texture of the formula is soft and slippery. Easy to use, no flaky color. The formula is pigmented and nice. However, it felt a little drying to the lips when applied. Tip: do a lip scrub or apply a thick layer of lip balm and this would last you more hours definitely!

Shade Range: 19 shades of awesomeness. Their shades are super versatile for any look you’re trying to create. From day time looks to it’s partayyyy time!

Applicator: Standard doe-foot but definitely helped in applying the lipstick with precision.

Lasting Power: 4-5 hours


IN2IT Liquid Matte Lipstick

Price: 199 Baht
Color: Ritzy

Formula: I’m reeeeallly impressed with this formula. It has a rich, creamy formula which I absolutely adore. The formula is not too thick and not too thin. The pigmentation is awesome & it feels comfortable and lightweight on the lips. Smells like NERDS… yumm! It takes a while to mattify completely but there’s no bleeding/running. It is NOT waterproof.

Shade Range: 5 different shades that are suitable for any skin tone. Literally, all these colors are super versatile. In the colors Revel, Ritzy, Ravish, Regal, & Rogue. Don’t really know why all the colors start with a ‘R’ ?

Applicator: Straight doe-foot applicator which I felt also got a reasonable amount of product because of the suction on the top.

Lasting Power: 7 hours(ish)


Price: 189 Baht
Color: Cherry Red

Formula: Yep, it’s budget-friendly and seriously comfortable on the lips because of its thin, creamy texture. Slightly watery looking but when applied doesn’t feel that way at all. It smells uh-mazing! It has a sweet candy-like smell to it but try not to eat it peeps. Doesn’t mattify instantly, which allows room for some mixing!

Shade Range: 4 shades available currently. Dazzle Pink, Coral Peach, Cherry Red, & Bubblegum. Special feature: because the the texture is so light, the colors can be mixed on the lips to create new colors. Brownie points for this feature!

Applicator: Like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme, it has a small doe foot applicator helps apply the lipstick with precision. The suction at the top of the bottle allows just the right amount of product.

Lasting Power: 6-7 hours. Color became dull towards the end.

Sleek Makeup Matte Me

Price: 350 Baht
Color: Shabby Chic

Formula: Plush kind of texture. It dries matte after a couple of seconds. One dip gives you full opacity on my lips. I love the color Shabby Chic! After the second coat, it starts feeling a little sticky and crumbly on the lips. Not the best feel after applying it the second time of the day.

Shade Range: There are 12 shades from neutrals to pinks to dark reds.

Applicator: Standard doe-foot but you can feel the suction in the bottle while pulling out the applicator. Helps to get just the right amount of product on it. However, I got the Shabby Chic which is one of the newer colors that Sleek introduced. The first lot has a different slim applicator which isn’t exactly the best applicator.

Lasting Power: 8+ hours but will start to crumble towards the end.

A N H Cosmetics

Price: 350 Baht
Color: Kohat

Formula: Bonus points for packaging! Very high-end looking. The formula is pigmented and the shade range is dreamy! The color pay off is great, whilst many dark liquid lipsticks end up being patchy, this one performs well. No Sahara here!

Shade Range: 5 shades available currently. Kashmir, Layyah, Multan, Kohat, & Turbat.. like seriously guys. Loving their shades sooo much!

Applicator: A slim doe-foot means it’s easy to paint your lips, but you do have to scrape the excess formula off the applicator to avoid overloading it with the product.

Lasting Power: 6-7 hours. Started losing it’s color off the center towards the end but I think it’s because I was enjoying my chicken shawarma a little too much.

If you’re trying to get your hands on Sugarpopp or A&H, PM for details. What are your thoughts on these? Tell me your favorite liquid lipstick in the comments. I’d love to test out some of the brands I missed out on. 

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