Cake Whisperer Bkk

Hello hellooo…. It’s finally the month of August, which for me is literally the most expensive month of the year. Despite the fact that it’s my birthday month (yeah I totally had to emphasize that), it is also seems like I’m wishing everyone else on my Facebook friend list. It’s definitely the month that I eat the most cake and gain some extra pounds! Sigh! Sometimes those decorative pieces look soooo tempting you want to gobble everything up!  Speaking of which, I made a new discovery of this company called – Cake Whisperer.

Cake Whisperer Bkk was founded by Ms. Pemika Kukreja, who also is the baker of these delicious cookies & cakes. She started off the business with a passion for baking. Her main focus is the homemade flavor without compromising on her ingredients. Nina Doowa, who is also a partner in this business, is exhibiting the gorgeous displays of these goodies around town including the Farmer’s Market that was held recently.

Omnomnom! Use code “The Chiquitaa” and get 10% OFF!

Of course I got the dark chocolate brownie cookies.. Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE dark chocolate. I also love how their cakes look so creative & elegantly decorated unlike some other homemade cakes around town. The cake decor seems well thought of and compliments the cake completely, bringing a delightful tang. Ms. Kukreja wanted to provide the market with the highest quality home baked goods, free of any artificial flavors and preservatives. Almost makes me a little less guilty about eating cakes now.. hahaha. Below are the ones that I tried out!


Left to Right: Salted Dark Chocolate Brownie Cookies, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream, and Fresh Lemon Cake with Strawberry Frosting. 

I can definitely say that their flavors are on point & now you guys know where most of your cakes are going to come from! Are you ready to try out some of them yet? Use the code “The Chiquitaa” to get a 10% OFF on your purchase!

Contact Details:

062-8575254; 083-8506663
Line: cakewhispererbkk
Instagram: cake.whispererbkk
Facebook: Cake Whisperer Bkk


PS. Thank you Nina for the delectable goodies!

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