5 Instagram-hyped Cafés

Café hopping is becoming a trend nowadays. Every other person is going café to café, trying new things and instagraming (yes it’s now become a verb!) them. The Thais are quite influenced by the unique photo-based marketing that cafés are using to attract customers. I can safely say that the Indians aren’t far off either. Annndd I’m definitely one of them! Check out these cafés on my insta-story on “” Below are some cafés for coffee lovers that are all over Instagram:

1. TKT’s Row House
TKT’s Row House, which actually derives from the owner’s name Tookkatoon, has a mix
of industrial & minimal kind of interior. This definitely brings in a much more cozy feeling than the busy street outside the café.

21458726_10159323489690252_1457491206_oFor Tookkatoon, it wasn’t just about the caffeine but some snacks/sweets to complement her coffee time.Inevitably, the best combination with coffee is doughnuts. Butttt… how many calorie-packed doughnuts can you devour every time you grab a cup of coffee? That’s where the whole idea of TKT’s Row House came along. She came up with a healthier yet still enjoyable solution – whole wheat soy milk doughnuts. Totally guilt FREE!


I ordered the vanilla latte with the sesame soy doughnut!

Signature Style: Cute animal, soy doughnuts on your coffee.                         DSCF4994

2. Hands and Heart

Hands and Heart is decorated with minimalistic black and white theme, which looks simple yet superrr elegant. It’s inspired by Teshima Art Museum in Kagawa, Japan. Their minimalistic design is literally every Instagramer’s dreaaam. ‘Cause it’s all about being minimal these days.                   #DMOfficialShots

If you’re a coffee enthusiast then this is definitely the place to go! Hands and heart are reaaallly serious about their coffee. It’s not just about how Instagram worthy the coffee is but it’s also about the quality of it. Their coffee comes from various sources around the world including Colombia, Brazil, Africa, and others. Aaaand their AA-grade single origin beans are hand brewed with Aeropress, pour-over, and Chemex. *mindblown* They also have some snacks, which aren’t really raved about on Instagram so I totally skipped it out. Wooopss!


Signature Style: White coffee served in black cup & Black coffee served in white cup.


3. Yardbird Cafe

Yardbird cafe is one of the newest café in town and is definitely going to be hyped on

PC: @ipueak13 (Instagram)

Instagram pretttttty soon. Although I couldn’t get much information on how this café started and blah di blah… I really enjoyed my coffee there. I ordered a Yardbird brule, which is one of their signature drinks. I found the concept really interesting and one that I definitely haven’t seen in other cafes around town. Sweet brule-like taste on the top layer blending in with the taste coffee… Oh so yum! I was super fascinated! Their other signature drink was the Yardbird latte which was also quite good. The foam, which i believed is called crema, on it was a sweet cotton candy smell and flavored. Suh-weet! 



21392653_10159323551420252_1117756142_o 21441557_10159323556430252_510934062_o

Apple maps was taking me round and round when I was looking for Yardbird’s location. I even walked right past it without even noticing that it was right there in the corner. The easiest way was to find Rajah Hotel and look for a brick wall. That’s where it is! The café is quite artsy with its leafy pillows & artificial flowers everywhere giving it the very earthy look. The place was small yet so cosy. Loved it!

Signature Style: Various desserts taste/smell on their signature drinks served in earth-toned cups.


4. A Cup

This particular café is not necessarily hyped on Instagram as photos but it has definitely been coming up on many stories! I’d guess it’s because of their quote “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy A Cup of coffee.. that’s kind of the same thing.” It’s not a proper shop for you to be seated at however they have some wooden stools on the side if you did opt to sit for a bit. I really liked how it looks from the outside though.. Plus, they’re kind of everywhere now. Here are some of the locations they’re at: Panjaphum Building, Silom, CMB Bank, Bank of Thailand, Asoke, MRT Lumphini, MRT Rama 9.


It’s basically a premium take away coffee place. My personal favorite is the Thai tea.

Signature Style: I’m not quite sure if they have one actually except for their napkins to have the quote that’s on their café as well.


5. Flair

When I looked at the Instagram photos, I honestly thought it was an actual coffee shop! But guess what? It turned out just like A Cup Café, a sophisticated coffee stand I’d say? It’s more like coffee on-the-go kind of a thing. The stand was made in a very minimal way… the whites & blacks with fairy lights. Very classy..


I opted for the popular for the Blue marble, which is blue pea with milk. It was interesting and light. Their cloudy espresso was kinda nice too & super cute to take photos of!

Signature style: Blue Marble & Cloudy Espresso



Have you been to any of them yet? Let me know which one was your favorite & if you think there are others that have been hyped up on Instagram! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too – @the.chiquitaa



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