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The first thing that came to my mind when I went there was… O M G. THE FREAKSHAKE. I have seen a gazillion pictures on Facebook and Instagram about this freakshake and I was dying to try some out for myself. The café’s grand opening was in January 20 but I never got the chance to go because of always being in and out of Bangkok. I just couldn’t resist anymore since they claim to be the original creator of the freakshakes. I opted for the Nutella shake with salty pretzels. Sooooo yum and loaded with calories! Oh well…

Are you salivating yet? I am!

Patissez, the café chain from Canberra, has an occasional twist in their food. We opted for the salmon with smashed avocado which was pretty darn amazing. Plus, their portion was good for three! Super yum!

this glorious display of yummmm….

Patissez’s interior is quite similar to the trending décor of wooden furniture and big glass windows that allow the sunlight to reflect in. Dangling lamps and plants to brighten up the interiors. Honestly, I really like such places. It just seems so chilled out to be in.

The staff was pretty amazing too! They took special care of us and made us feel absolutely comfortable. Loved this experience! Totally coming back for more… whether it be for brunches or for those amazing freakshakes!


Fun fact: did you know Patissez is actually pronounced as Patissay? Turns out I was pronouncing it wrong the whole time…

You can check out the menu and deals on


Outfit details:

Shirt: BFF

Pants: H&M

Bag: Michael Kors

Shoes: Nena




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