About Me

DSCF1392Heeey! *inserts a big hug* Welcome to my personal blog!

After months of procrastination and binge watching ‘New Girl’ (I don’t know why that got me writing honestly), I’ve finally mustered up the courage to start my own blog. While most people start a blog to give tips/guides of a lifestyle or to inspire people, I’m starting mine just merely out of passion.

Now, I’m sure, you’re probably wondering why is my blog called ‘The Chiquitaa.’ Chiquita is actually a Spanish slang word that means petite woman or babe. And that describes me perfectly. Well.. that and giggles. But that’s a story for another time.

So first things first. My name is Veena Mohnani. I’m born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently striving to achieve my career aspirations in three different occupations— Teaching, Tailoring, and Event Planning. Some random facts about me would be: I’m an ambivert, which I learned after watching a Facebook video on it. I love comic books (especially Tinkle Digest.. C’mon guys, it’s Supandi). Watching organizational videos and dance tutorials on youtube is my favorite pastime. My favorite movie genre is horror/thrillers even though I can’t sleep after that.

You’ve probably read 100 different blog posts on ‘5 ways to style your monochrome outfits’ or ‘Denim on denim is the new in’ and you’re definitely going to read a whole lot more of it on my blog as well. However, I’ve decided not to take the traditional corporate regime of writing. Kinda going rouge here… Here I am creating an unfiltered online diary to document travel stories, life’s experiences, food obsessions, and not to forget the confessions of a shopaholic.

Thank you for stopping by and I really do hope you stick around to witness my rollercoaster life!

X TheChiquitaa